Post Hospital Care
We provide a post hospital service that is in place for as long as you need - giving you a comfortable recovery in your own home.

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While many individuals are fortunate to have a family member or friend who is able to care for them after a stay in hospital, we understand that a lot of people do not. 

This is where our Envigor post hospital care services can assist.

Working with people and their families, Envigor can provide a post hospital service that is in place for as long as you want when you come home.

Beginning with our ‘Settling In Service’, Envigor staff are able to pick you up from hospital and take you home.

Post hospital care

Because going to hospital often happens in a hurry, we make sure you are safely inside and settled and we also offer a welcome home basket of all the necessary items such as bread, milk, eggs. 

We will also do a load of washing and tidy up around the house (including making sure there are fresh sheets on the bed if that’s what you need).

Once we know you’re are OK we will call back the next day to check on you and make sure you have the necessary appointments to see your GP or other practitioner. Transport to these appointments is also available.


Do you need more specialised care?

For those people who need more specialised care on discharge from hospital, we also have highly skilled registered nurses on our team who are able to support you in the treatment and management of wounds, assistance with injections or ongoing assessment and support of your health.

If you are concerned about coping at home after major surgery and managing a newly diagnosed health condition, Envigor can provide specialist personal nursing care from two hours a day up to 24 hours as required.