Dementia Care
Recognising no two people with dementia are the same, we personalise our dementia care services to support the individual and their families.

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For families, a diagnosis of dementia throws people into roles they are often not prepared for. This can be stressful for everyone, including the person concerned.

When we support someone with dementia, we use the same principles as we use when we work with all of our other clients. Just because you have a diagnosis of dementia, doesn’t mean you are completely unable to make choices and decisions about your life.

Domestic assistance

Our role is to support you with those things you can do and to work with your family and friends to make sure you receive all the support you need for the things you can’t do. 

Keeping you in an environment where everything is familiar is important, as is the need for us to keep our promise of appointment based services and sending the same staff member as often as we can.

We include family and friends in the dementia care process

As the spouse or family member of someone with dementia, we know that it is difficult to put your own life on hold while you care for your loved one the way they deserve. We know that daily activities become a juggling act and that the pain of seeing the one you love change is very upsetting. This is why we include families and friends when we support people with dementia. We want everyone to continue to live fulfilling, independent and happy lives. Importantly, we recognise everyone is an individual and like most health conditions, the severity and type of symptoms for someone with dementia is as individual as they are.