Mark gets more NDIS care with Envigor

December 3 is International Day of Persons with Disabilities, so we thought it would be timely to share one of Envigor’s NDIS success stories. Meet Mark, who is running a successful business and living independently with the support of Envigor.

Mark is a computer engineer and website developer from Ipswich who runs his business from home and who is also living with Inclusion Body Myositis, a hereditary, inflammatory muscle disease.

For Mark, finding an NDIS home care provider who respected his independence, while providing quality service, was important. Envigor is helping him to live how he wants, with the care he needs.

“Envigor is, I reckon, the best care provider on the market. When I switched to Envigor, I was on a level 3 package and I was getting three services a week from my previous provider. When I came to Envigor I got seven,” says Mark.

According to Mark’s Envigor Community Care Business Partner Angel Potts, coordinating Mark’s care is a real pleasure.

“Mark, being so independent, takes care of his own needs really and just hires us as his care company to help him with his showers and domestic assistance – sometimes his nutrition assistance as well,” says Angel.

“He receives medium level care as he can still do a lot of things himself – like running a business from home.”

This care is designed around Mark’s schedule and to his personal preferences.

“Mark is two-person assist in the mornings to help him out of bed, he then receives two hours with one carer, one hour with another carer, half-an-hour at lunch and an hour to be put to bed, so five-hours a day, seven days a week. “

“He receives help with showers, help with cleaning, making food and medication assistance.”

Mark continues to be happy with the assistance he receives from Envigor which allows him to live with choice and dignity.

“They ask me if I want cereal, scrambled eggs or fruit and they grab it for me. They clean the unit for me, shave me, they are really professional at their job,” says Mark.

“I’ll advocate for Angel and Envigor because they’ve always done the right thing by me.”

Angel says that providing care to such a high standard that clients like Mark become active Envigor advocates comes down to providing individual care tailored just for them.

“There’s no great secret to providing great care, you simply treat a person with the respect and dignity they deserve. Being a smaller, locally owned service provider means our team can fit in with our clients’ lives and schedules – not the other way around.”

How Envigor can help

Envigor is an approved provider of NDIS services, and we believe these services should be individually tailored and locally delivered.
Envigor offers:
• Home and personal services to support your choice to live independently
Respite when you need it
Social activities and support to help you get out and about
Specialist services, including nursing and allied health

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