Got any questions about our services? Read through our FAQs below to find out more about our services.

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  • Envigor care is available 24 hours a day, every day of the year, including weekends and public holidays
  • We can offer a local care manager/case manager who is available after hours
  • Our services are highly flexible and based on what you want, not what wethink you need.
  • Transparent and easy to understand monthly financial statements
  • Collaboration with GPs, rehab units, transition and discharge care teams, allied health professionals and 
other service providers.
  • Regular communication with you and your family.
  • Initial consultation and information provided at no cost.

Our Case Management and Administration fees for Home Care Packages are among the most competitive in the industry and we value transparency in regard to the way we manage the financial aspects of our relationship with you. Ask your local Envigor representative what this means for your package. We do not charge any travel fees or any review fees.

Your local Envigor representative has discretion to be flexible with this rate in some cases. Please contact them to discuss your individual circumstances.

Your local Community Care Business Partner has discretion to reduce this rate in some cases. Please contact them to discuss your individual circumstances.

At Envigor, we want to attract the best staff to support your choices. For that reason, we pay our staff in line with industry standards which includes penalty rates for after hours, weekends and public holidays. As a result, our hourly rate for these times reflects the higher rates we must pay our staff. 

Our dedicated, qualified team members will arrive on time, every time, and clients will have consistency in the care team working with them. Services are tailored to suit individual client needs and we offer flexibility as needs can change from day to day.

Your local Envigor representative is available after hours to discuss any concerns you may have. 

We have Registered Nurses on staff to provide specialised nursing care under Department Veteran Affairs (DVA), Consumer Directed Care and Private Care Packages. Envigor has a Senior Nursing Manager to guide and develop our Registered Nurses and Endorsed Enrolled Nurses working in the community.

Envigor is experienced in providing in home Palliative Care and End of Life services. We work in partnership with the client, their family, the Palliative Care Team and allied health services to tailor the package to suit culture, ethics, gender, beliefs and family values. We can access the required equipment needed through local hire firms.

Absolutely, we are happy to meet with clients and family members, after hours or on weekends to discuss your needs and no, we don’t charge for this service.

Our Envigor Community Care Business Partners are local community members with a vested interest in providing high quality, flexible, client directed services that meet your day to day needs. We aim to build a core of workers to ensure continuity of care, strong relationships and ongoing friendships that provide the security, safety and reliability needed for your chosen lifestyle. We will go over and above what is considered best practice to meet your specific needs – we don’t say no to a reasonable request, we say leave it with us and we’ll see what we can put together for you.

Yes, of course we can provide extra services. These will be charged fee for service at the same hourly rate charged in the Home Care Package for the time of day the service is provided. The chosen services will then be added to the care plan. These fees are payable by Direct Debit. Should Mum and/or Dad enter a nursing home, we can continue to provide additional services there too.

Our staff are competent support the administration or supervision of prescribed medications. Our Registered Nurses provide comprehensive Medication Assistance training and assessment of competence. This is completed on an annual basis for the Lifestyle Support Assistants. If a person requires the administration of injectable medications, a Registered Nurse will be available to assist.