Core values
Our values of Integrity, Family, Caring and Team are more than words on a screen - they guide everything we do.

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Our values for you

The Envigor values of Integrity, Family, Caring and Team are in use every day across Envigor. They define our work and the way we conduct ourselves.

Our Values are much more than a piece of paper or words on a screen – they are the values and behaviours that staff identified themselves as important to them and that define our organisation.

They are undeniable and serve as a powerful tool to define the way we interact with each other and with our clients and their families.

Envigor Value Proposition

We include family and friends in the dementia care process

As the spouse or family member of someone with dementia, we know that it is difficult to put your own life on hold while you care for your loved one the way they deserve. We know that daily activities become a juggling act and that the pain of seeing the one you love change is very upsetting. This is why we include families and friends when we support people with dementia. We want everyone to continue to live fulfilling, independent and happy lives. Importantly, we recognise everyone is an individual and like most health conditions, the severity and type of symptoms for someone with dementia is as individual as they are.