The important role of lifestyle support assistants

At Envigor, our lifestyle support assistants (LSAs) are at the heart of the care that our clients receive.

Working within a holistic approach to care, alongside registered and enrolled nurses, GPs and allied health practitioners, LSAs provide everyday support to help people live life Envigorated – whether that’s in their own home or within an aged care or retirement village setting.

What role do LSAs play in aged and community care?

LSAs, or community care workers as they are often called, undertake a variety of roles depending on the needs of their client.

These duties can include:

Personal attributes of an LSA

Alicia Wooding, Envigor general manager, says that while becoming qualified to work as an LSA is through studying a short certificate course, what really makes a great LSA often cannot be taught.

“At Envigor, we hire our LSAs based not only on their practical skills and experience but according to how well they display and believe in our core values of caring, family, integrity and team,” says Alicia.

“LSAs who truly care for their clients, their happiness and welfare deliver the highest possible care as they naturally treat each client as an individual and provide them with the support they need. That’s what we look for in our LSAs.”

The importance of LSAs to the Envigor business was highlighted when LSA Michelle Drollett was recognised as Seasons/Envigor Group Employee of the Year for 2018.

Michelle says that providing happiness and support to the people in her care is what motivates her every day.

“The most rewarding part of my job is seeing our clients smile. To see them happy and receiving a high standard of care is extremely rewarding. Our elderly generation deserves the care and respect that is given by all carers within Envigor. Our residents are special,” says Michelle.

“It wasn’t until I lost my mum when she was only 59 years old, that I realised I wanted to give back. I have always had a soft spot for our older generation. To be able to help someone with care, simple daily living tasks or to just simply wave from afar and to see the happy expression on their face, that is complete motivation for me.”

Lorraine Scott, an LSA with Envigor working at Seasons Bribie Island, agrees and says that LSAs should naturally want to care and have a sense of fun.

“As long as they are caring and considerate towards people and respect them, I think that’s the best thing you can do. But you’ve also got to have fun. The more you sing along with them, the more you talk to them, the happier they are. ”

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