Signs you should switch home care providers

Like so many providers we sign up with, such as insurance, banks and energy providers, it’s also important we don’t just set and forget when it comes to our home care provider. Especially if you could be getting better service and value for money elsewhere. Here are some signs you should consider switching home care providers.

Your provider isn’t providing the care you need

Whether it’s because your care needs have changed and your provider isn’t adapting to your changing needs, or the care itself is just not being delivered the way you like it, if you are not getting care that suits you, it could be worth switching providers.

Before you do, chat with your current provider about what you’d like to change about your care to see if they are willing to meet your needs. If they don’t show a willingness to deliver care the way you’d like it, it’s probably best to look around for a provider that will.

You don’t have continuity of carers

While it can be normal to have a rotating team of known carers delivering your care, it can be unsettling if your carers are constantly changing and you are unsure of who is arriving from one day to the next. If this is a situation you find yourself in and you’d be more comfortable with carers that you know and trust, look for a provider that offers continuity of carers and who aims to match you with compatible carers.

You can’t access care at your chosen times

Some home care providers deliver care within certain windows, rather than offering a set time or appointment-based services. This can mean you are sitting around waiting for your appointment. Another issue can be that the provider sets the time for certain services, rather than allowing you to choose a time that suits you. If your home care provider isn’t fitting in with your life, look for a home care provider who offers flexible times and appointment-based services.

Your provider is difficult to contact

It can be frustrating if your provider is difficult to get in touch with. If you find yourself leaving messages that aren’t returned or phoning a call centre who doesn’t know you or your needs it can be a sign to move on to a provider who is easier to get in touch with.

You are paying high fees

All home care providers need to declare their fees and charges on the My Aged Care website so you can check to see how your provider’s fees compare with others in your area.

Most providers charge an administration fee or package management fee of around 5-10% of the package value. However, another fee to watch for is care management. When comparing different home care providers, some will list their care management as a fortnightly or weekly amount or a percentage. Providers are charging in the range of 12-20% for care management, regardless of how much care management a client needs or uses. Envigor only charges care management on a needs only basis at a set hourly rate.

Switching home care providers

If you decide to switch home care providers, visit the Service Finder on My Aged Care to find home care providers in your area. You can then contact each provider to find out how they can meet your needs.

Some providers, like Envigor, are happy to look at your current service agreement and statements and let you know how their service will compare in terms of fees and service delivery.

The decision to move your home care package is your own and you are entitled to shop around and do your own research before you make that decision.

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