Arthritis gadgets for seniors

For the 3.9 million people living with Arthritis, the simplest task can become frustratingly difficult.

For seniors living with arthritis, adaptive equipment and gadgets to assist arthritic hands can make a real difference to how well seniors can take care of everyday tasks and remain living independently.

Here are our top picks of adaptive gadgets for arthritis:

In the kitchen

Cooking can become a minefield for those living with arthritis – hard to open packets, jars and bottles make meal preparation harder than it needs to be and chopping with conventional knives can also become difficult.

There is a wide range of can and jar openers on the market, most using an easy grip approach to make unscrewing lids of all sizes easier. Electric jar openers are also a handy option – removing lids with a touch of a button.

When it comes to mealtimes, utensils with large rubber-like handles can be easier to grip and manoeuvre.

Getting ready

Everyday tasks like zipping and buttoning become difficult when your hands are stiff. A handy helper is a hook and zip puller to assist in guiding zips and manoeuvring buttons into holes.

Household helpers

If gardening is becoming difficult because you’re struggling to turn the garden tap on and off, the EverEasy Garden Tap will put the joy back into tending to your plants. The first product to be certified as an Arthritis Australia Ease of Use Product, the tap only needs light fingertip pressure to turn the water on and off.

Keen gardeners should also keep a lookout for easy-grip, ergonomic hand rakes and picks to make digging easier.

Within the house, swapping your ordinary TV remote to a universal big button remote can help you change channels with ease and to make grabbing things easier from a distance, a grabber reacher can help.

Out and about

Car mobility aids such as seatbelt grabbers can help you buckle up safely and easily. To help you get in and out of the car, a support handle that can be inserted in the car door latch becomes a portable and sturdy grasping point to help support your weight.

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