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Meet Leanne, your Envigor Care Services Manager

Hi!  I’m Leanne, your local Envigor Care Services Manager.  I’m really excited to bring Envigor Home Care to Newcastle and the Hunter.

I have worked in community and retirement villages for the last 20 years.  When the opportunity arose to join the Envigor team I jumped at the chance. I admire Envigor’s approach to home care as it is transparent, honest, local and also affordable.  Keeping fee’s and charges down leaves more money in your budget  so you can live life the way you choose.

My many years experience working in retirement villages and home care has enabled me to gain a wide range of skills required to understand how to manage a successful home care program. When engaging with new clients one of the most common remarks about their home care package is the high admin and management fees but also not having a choice in the type of services they receive, for instance seeing different carer’s each visit.

Even though consumer directed care was introduced in 2013 to-date this continues to be an issue, so when the opportunity arose to join Envigor I knew I had the chance to make a difference in the way older people choose the services they receive from their home care package.

If you need assistance in remaining in your home and maintaining independence with a little bit of help or a lot, I’m local and I’m here to help walk you through the journey.  I can assist from the beginning of navigating my aged care, to delivering services, or looking at your current package to ensure you are getting the best care and services from your package. If you would like a free budget review, My Team and I are here to help.

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Your local Envigor Home Care team provides individualised personal and nursing care services to seniors, and people with a disability living throughout the area of Newcastle.

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Envigor Difference

In a previous role, I worked as a Retirement Village Manager.  One day a resident who had a package with a local provider came to me because her provider had sent a letter telling her she owed a large amount of money. She was so upset she hadn’t slept for days because was worried sick about how she as going to afford to pay this huge bill.

Because of my home care background I offered to look at her budget and found that she was being charged a huge income tested fee.  I advised she would need to request a financial review.  After receiving no support from her  current provider, I obtained her permission to speak on her behalf and contacted the financial team at my aged care.  Together we established that her income tested fee was incorrect and her provider was charging $42.00 a day. After the review it was reduced to $6.70 per day.

Unfortunately even after paying all monies owed, the provider discharged the client from their service with no communication. She only found out because my aged care wrote advising she had so many days left to find another provider.

That’s the reason I chose to be apart the Envigor team. This lady has now signed up as one of my clients. She is so excited to have more services than just cleaning. She is looking forward to going shopping, having her house cleaned, socialising and going out for lunch with her care worker.

Get in touch with Leanne and your local Envigor Home Care team to find out how you can live life, Envigorated!

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Envigor provides everyday home care services to help you remain living independently in your own home. We work with you to ensure we are providing you with flexible and individualised support to help you live life your way.

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Our specialist services provide you with the personalised care you need, when you need it. Whether you need nursing care, respite, dementia or palliative services, we design a care plan that caters to your individual preferences.