How to arrange private home care services

With the Government-funded home care package waiting list continuing to grow, private home care might be an option to help you access the services you or a loved one needs.

But what is involved in arranging private home care, what does it cost and what are the benefits?

What is private home care?

Private home care is often called ‘fee for service’ and it’s when you pay a home care provider directly for any services you use, rather than engaging and paying them through a Government home care package. Most home care providers offer this service and it can mean you can engage a home care service provider and start receiving care while you are on the home care waitlist.

What is the cost of private home care?

The cost of private home care varies from provider to provider, with each home care provider having their own fee structure.

The benefit from a cost point of view is that you only pay for the services you require. While home care packages can be Government funded to some extent, it’s important to note that home care packages do have a cost to the consumer. So, in some cases, such as self-funded retirees, private home care can be a cheaper option. As with anything finance-related, it’s worth discussing your individual circumstances with a financial adviser.

For someone who may be waiting for a home care package and needs some help at home while they are waiting, private home care can be a good way to get started.

What private home care services are available?

Private home care services are available across a range of services, including:


How to get started with private home care

The first step is to find home care providers in your area. My Aged Care can be a good place to start.

Then it’s a case of chatting to these home care providers about the services they provide, how much they cost and how their services are delivered. Our Home Care Provider Checklist can help you with questions to ask and help you decide which provider will suit you best.

Benefits of private home care

The big benefit of private home care is that you can get the care you need, when you need it. For those waiting for a home care package, this can mean the difference in being able to stay at home or go into aged care.

Another benefit is when your home care package comes through you are already receiving care from your chosen provider and you can make a seamless transition.

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