Paul receives tailored NDIS support from Envigor                

For Envigor client Paul and his sister Lisa, receiving NDIS support services from Envigor has made a big impact on their lives. 

Paul joined Envigor as an NDIS client in November 2018 and receives support with community access, transport to appointments, assistance with social skills and behaviour modelling.

Lisa says that these services and the way that Envigor have provided them has not only helped Paul but has relieved some of her worries about his safety during the day.

“Paul resides in an aged care facility with basic care available to him. He is very mobile and will go for long walks and travel on public transport all over Brisbane which makes him very vulnerable and is a huge worry for me,” says Lisa.

“Having Envigor provide safe community access is very reassuring. The behaviour modelling and social skills he is gaining will help Paul to stay safe during the times he is out in the community alone and transporting Paul to appointments means I don’t have to take leave from work to do that and put my job security at risk.”

Lisa has noticed a lot of positive changes in Paul since he’s been receiving services from Envigor and says she has appreciated the communication from his carers.

“Everyone who knows Paul has commented on the positive changes they have seen in him since Envigor has been part of his life.

“I receive lots of little text messages from the lifestyle assistants updating me on Paul’s emotional state, location, activities and even photos and videos of Paul smiling, singing, dancing and having a great time with them. They are so lovely and it makes me very happy to know that Paul is receiving such excellent care and support.

“Recently, Paul has had a few bad days and Envigor went above and beyond what I would expect of a community care service to support him and keep me updated.”

Lisa says a lot of this success is due to the skills and experience of Envigor’s carers who have been chosen to deliver Paul’s care.

“Envigor carefully matched Paul’s complex support needs with the right lifestyle assistants who have the necessary skill sets to provide the best outcomes, not just with workers who were available to work the required hours.”

Mary Nolan, Envigor’s Business Partner for Brisbane’s North West, who coordinates Paul’s care in consultation with Lisa, says that it is a pleasure to successfully match client needs with a carer’s skills and experience.

“One of Paul’s regular carers is Sam. The bond Paul and Sam share is amazing and Paul’s behaviour and mental health have improved dramatically in the time we have been caring for him.”

Sam and Paul Envigor

“Seeing photos of Sam and Paul together having fun brings a smile to my face and makes my job worthwhile.”

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