Mary helps clients live their best lives

Mary Nolan brings a wealth of experience in the aged care industry to help her clients live their best lives in her role as Envigor Business Partner for Brisbane’s North West region.

Mary first entered the industry as a part-time carer 15 years ago and discovered that she loved working in the aged care industry.

From there, Mary has worked her way up to community care coordination roles and now enjoys helping Envigor clients from Brisbane’s North Western Suburbs live life their way.

“I’ve done a little bit of everything from personal care to rostering to staff training and policy development through to case management,” says Mary.

“Prior to coming to Envigor, the last 12 years of my career were spent with two of the large care companies. Moving across to Envigor, I love that Envigor’s focus truly is care and that we are still client focused and client centred.

“I love that we embrace the personal approach and treat every client as an individual. That we recognise the journeys they have been on and where they still want to go. And I love that we can help them with that – to live their lives, on their terms, their way.”

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One example of doing just that was helping a client adjust to life in a new area and reclaim an active social life.

“We have a client who when she came to us had recently relocated from interstate, knew nobody and was quite unwell (only just out of hospital),” says Mary.

“Through our assistance, we familiarised her with her new area, introduced her to other residents within the village, accompanied her to events, worked on her mobility and her self-confidence while assisting her in developing her interests and hobbies.

“She is now a member of the choir, Zumba class, craft group, community garden AND the President of the Social Club. We still see her daily and she tells us constantly that ‘Envigor helped her have a life, not just exist in one’.”

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