Marie improves quality of life through home care services

Marie Solien, Envigor’s Business Partner for Gold Coast North, shares how she helps her clients live life envigorated by tailoring a home care service that allows them to live with dignity and independence.

For Marie, getting to know her clients personally allows her to gain an insight to help them not only get the care they need but to improve their quality of life.

She recalls one particular client whose social life improved after she encouraged him to share his musical talent with others.

“I used to hold an annual Christmas event for community clients. One gentleman who was socially isolated came along after I went out of my way to invite him,” says Marie.

“I asked him if he would please share his passion for the trumpet for over 120 clients. He was nervous and resistant, so it was a rewarding moment as I stood proudly and watched him play on stage.

“I then introduced him to other clients who were musicians. Through this he struck up a friendship with another man and they kept in touch and played music together each fortnight at his home. His son later told me this certainly made a difference to his father’s life.”

It’s moments like these, Marie says, that makes working for Envigor so rewarding.

“The thing that inspired me to work for Envigor was their desire to support people to ‘live life envigorated.’ The messaging and culture within the team really resonates with everyone and becomes our own personal mission as well as the brand mission. Working together to better the lives of those around us is an inspirational thing to be a part of.”

Marie also finds the Envigor business model of locally focused teams where she can run her own business and get to know her clients on a personal level keeps her motivated.

“I was looking for a new challenge and I was inspired by the Envigor model where I could manage my own local business with the overarching support from a well-established organisation.

“I love that I can bring my number of years’ experience in community aged care to lead a team that delivers the very best in care.”

To deliver this level of care Marie believes it’s all about respecting each client’s individual story and helping them continue to live the way they want.

“To me, dignity is respect to others, the ability to treat people as they deserve. By providing dignity to others it has given me the ability to be trusted, to be fair, to have empathy and to not judge people. We are all human, we all have a story.”

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