Jess on why she loves caring

Jess from Envigor Gold Coast has worked for Envigor for almost a year, working her way from a lifestyle support assistant (LSA) to care coordinator. Here she tells us what she enjoys most about working for Envigor.

Jess’s role as care coordinator sees her taking on a wide range of tasks, including rostering, community visits, LSA coordination and support, care reviews and administration duties.

While her role is a busy and multi-faceted one, she still enjoys being able to provide care services for a group of regular clients.

“I still see six clients, as it’s really important that even though my role has changed that we don’t change things for the client, so I still see my high care clients,” says Jess.

Jess says that her role allows her to give back to her clients in delivering frontline services as well as coordinating care to ensure they’re getting the most out of their home care packages.

“I love just walking inside and having the husband or wife happy to have me there or when I call them and say ‘I can get this covered for you or would you like this?’ to hear how grateful they are – I love it.”

“Just seeing the number of clients we do have and seeing it grow and having that strong bond with the clients and their husbands and wives is so rewarding.”

Jess says that feeling of helping her clients makes her job worthwhile and why she chose to be a carer.

“I’ve done other work in corporate offices and I wanted to go back to being an LSA just to get that feeling. My children are grown up and I don’t want any more babies, but I love taking care of people!”

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