Going the extra mile all in a day’s work for Cindy

Cindy Jordan, Envigor’s community care business partner for Brisbane’s Moreton Bay region, lives and breathes Envigor’s values – so much so that her own mother Sylvia is an Envigor client.

Cindy Jordan brings a love for caring and interacting with others to her role and was recently named a finalist for the General Managers Choice Award at the Seasons Group’s annual employee awards night.

“I have always had a passion for helping people, and have long admired the wisdom and joy that can be derived from interacting with a wide variety of people,” says Cindy.

“I’m very fortunate to be working alongside a dedicated, passionate team who share my love of caring for others, and strive every day to give our clients the best life possible. It’s the simple little things we do that enable our clients to enjoy life.”

Cindy’s care philosophy is that every client has individual needs and ensuring these are met is at the heart of her job.

“Everyone’s needs are different, and our team embraces this truth, using it to drive everything we do on a daily basis. What some organisations may see as ‘going the extra mile’ is a bare minimum for us – ensuring that the people we care for feel like people, not numbers being ticked off a sheet.”

Cindy’s Envigor Moreton Bay team deliver individualised personal and nursing care services to seniors and people with a disability living throughout Redcliffe Peninsula, west to Mango Hill and Kallangur and north, taking in Deception Bay, Burpengary, Morayfield and Caboolture.

For Cindy delivering good care really is personal – her mother Sylvia is one of her clients and when her quality of life was suffering due to a health set back she set to work to devise a plan.

“Mum is 90 and had always loved swimming. After being hospitalised last year she lost a lot of confidence and stopped swimming. She had become quite unhappy about the fact that she felt she could not keep going, so we discussed the ways that we could help her to return to the pool.

“We arranged for a physio to devise a weekly land program and also a swim program that she does twice a week with the help of her Lifestyle Support Assistant (LSA). This has given her so much more energy and her mobility has markedly improved with less stiffness in her legs and her knees are bending more easily with less pain.”

Cindy says that it’s often not just about service the client needs, it is the way it makes them feel that’s most important.

“A doctor referred an elder client to Envigor after his regular aged care provider refused to give him a much-needed haircut and shave.

“I explained to the client and his wife that although I’m not a hairdresser, I had cut my children’s hair when they were young, and they gladly accepted my offer. I didn’t just deliver a personal grooming service that day – this simple service helped restore pride, confidence and self-esteem for this client. To me, that’s what it’s all about.”

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