Envigor staff farewell beloved client

Envigor care staff at Seasons Mango Hill farewelled one of their long-term clients, Olive, who passed away in her apartment at the age of 101.

The Envigor team had cared for Olive for eight years since she moved into Seasons Mango Hill with her late husband.

Olive’s son Ron paid tribute to her carers and said what a difference they’d made to her life.

“The carers are all devoted, loving professional carers. They got to know her. They knew what she liked, what she didn’t like – just how to care for her in the best way possible,” says Ron.

Envigor’s Care Manager at Seasons Mango Hill Bernadette Hatton says that this understanding of Olive’s preferences and wishes became all the more important when Olive became palliative a few days before her death.

“Olive has been with us for eight years so she knew the staff very well. She became part of the family – she was the mother of the family in a way – so she was a pretty special lady to us here at Mango Hill,” says Bernadette.

“In her last few days, Olive’s care levels did increase but it’s dealt with in a different way. It was making sure she was comfortable, making sure she wasn’t in pain, not disturbing her unless she needed to be disturbed but making sure she was okay – so hourly checks throughout the day and night and people popping in between those times too.

“Even though there is a care plan there to follow, there are often special little things that Olive would have wanted that maybe I don’t know about, but that the staff members most certainly did and they made those visits how Olive really wanted them.”

Ron, who lives in the United States, was able to make it back to be with his mother on her final day.

“The care in her last few days, you couldn’t ask for anything more. Just constant care and monitoring,” says Ron.

“I got here Thursday morning and got to see her before she passed in the afternoon, so that was great. There was a constant stream of carers coming in just making sure she was comfortable. She did die very peacefully that afternoon.

“Bernadette was there with me and it was a difficult time but she made sure that I was being looked after as well as mum.”

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Bernadette says that looking after the family when delivering palliative care is just as important as taking care of their loved one.

“It’s important we offer care and support for the families too, as well as looking after the client,” says Bernadette.

“Once their mother or father has died, that care and support is something they’ll always remember. It’s really important we give that client who is dying the dignity and respect that they deserve. And it’s just as important to make the family feel comfortable with what is happening with their loved ones.”

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