Choosing a home care provider

When it comes time to organise home care services for ourselves or a family member, we may be confused by the options available and under pressure to make the best choice.

While consumer directed care has made a vast improvement when it comes to giving us choice, knowing which provider to choose can be difficult.

With providers all having different fee structures, charges and approaches to care, it’s important to be armed with consistent information so you can adequately compare providers. So, when you start comparing your options – what should you look for?

Here is a guide to what you should ask a home care provider before you make your decision.

Service delivery

Can I choose my own service times and routines?
Will I have a dedicated care manager and personalised support/care plan?
Can I be involved in the development of my support/care plan?
Do I get to keep a copy of the support/care plan?
How often is the support/care plan reviewed and updated?
What happens if my care needs change?
Do you provide support for palliative and end of life care?
I have a carer I really like. Can they keep visiting me?
Are your staff qualified?
Do they have police checks?
Can I have the same staff member every visit?
What is your minimum visit length?
What role do registered nurses have in care/service delivery?
What is your approach to supporting people with dementia?
How do you make sure the services you provide are of the highest standard?


What do I do if I have a concern or a complaint?
What is your preferred form of communication?
Who is my best point of contact?
What are your contact hours?

Fees and charges

What are your service costs?
What administration, case management or core advisory fees do you charge?
Do you charge an exit fee? How much is this?
What are your travel fees?
Are there any other fees or charges I should know about?
Download your printable how to choose a home care provider checklist.

Download your printable ‘How to choose a home care provider checklist‘.

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