Caring is all about family for Debbie

Family has been at the heart of Envigor Lifestyle Support Assistant (LSA) Debbie’s career in aged care. Here she shares the role family played in her becoming a carer and her work life since. 

Debbie, who works as an LSA within Seasons Aged Care Bribie Island, became a professional carer after caring for her own mother.

“My mother was not well and I wanted to be able to look after her in a prim and proper way, so I actually did my Cert III and I loved it so much,” says Debbie.

“I love the elderly people because I grew up with my grandparents and I used to love their stories. I went from there and started in the industry.”

At Envigor the role of an LSA is an important one. Working within a holistic approach to care, alongside registered and enrolled nurses, GPs and allied health practitioners, LSAs provide everyday support to help people live life their way – whether that’s in their own home or within an aged care setting such as Seasons.

Debbie says she loves working as an LSA and building an ongoing relationship with the residents.

“I have worked for Envigor for just over seven years. I do care for the residents. I give them their dinner, shower, talk to them, bring my pets in for them.

“I live in the country, so driving over the bridge to Bribie is very relaxing.”

For Debbie, family is not just one of Envigor’s values but is an important part of her work day.

“Envigor is very family orientated. My work colleagues are like my family – my work family. And the residents, they’re just like my family too.”

Debbie shares what it’s like working for Envigor:

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