Angel delivers care with respect in Ipswich

Angel Potts, Envigor’s Business Partner in the Ipswich Central region, says there is no great secret to providing great care, instead it’s all about treating people with the respect and dignity they deserve.

Working across a range of home care roles in the Ipswich area for a number of years, Angel says that delivering care that allows people to live the way they want in their own home is what makes her job so satisfying.

“For me, the name of the game is respect. We have the honour of meeting each day with some of the most knowledgeable, lovely, kind people and helping them to live the life that they deserve,” says Angel.

“I know that because of Envigor and our care team, people have been able to stay in their homes instead of the alternative of going into a nursing home or another type of institution.

“That’s what I enjoy most about my role, knowing that the services we provide give people choices and help them continue to live their lives in their own homes, connected to their communities.”

Angel says the benefit of being a local working within her own community is that she is able to deliver personal and flexible care.

“Being a smaller, locally owned service provider means our team can fit in with our client’s lives and schedules – not the other way around,” says Angel.

“If someone has a particular need or request, we will find a way to meet it. Whether it be for an hour or 24/7, myself and my team are dedicated to providing a flexible level of care that fulfils everyone’s needs.”

Another benefit is that due to Envigor’s low case management fees, there is more money left for care. Angel explains how she was recently able to support a client to get more out of her day.

“A family member contacted us concerned that their loved one, a person with dementia, was only receiving one hour a day of contact from their existing provider. The client was living in an aged care community but had only recently moved in and no one in the community knew her because she stayed inside her unit.

“For the same cost, Envigor arranged for a care team member to visit three times a day, ensuring the client is escorted to lunch every day and facilitate a weekly outing to the shops.

“As a result of the services provided, the client’s family is relieved and their loved one is now socially connected: she’s even made new friends.”

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